After a rather lackluster showing at this year's E3, Nintendo took to the web to announce the newest model in its hand-held line up, the 3DS XL. Featuring 4.88 inch (12.4 cm) 3D display and improved battery life, the 3DS XL is set to launch around the globe Q3 2012.

The 3DS XL is slated to launch a year and a half after the release of the original 3DS, and beyond the increase in screen size and battery life, there isn't much separating the XL from its predecessor. Despite Nintendo's release of the Circle Pad Pro, the unit lacks a second analog stick. Interestingly, Nintendo has stated that the 3DS XL will sell without a basic AC adapter, citing a goal to keep costs down, yet the system still comes with a 4-GB SD card.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has released a larger variant of a portable console. The DSi XL featured extra large screens, and was aimed at the elderly and those who have trouble focusing on small displays. However, the 3DS XL console's primary selling point is still the stereoscopic 3D display, and those with eye troubles aren't exactly the target audience. Nintendo is making no bones about the larger screen offering an enhanced gaming experience to all.

The 3DS XL is priced at US$200 will launch on July 28 in Europe, August 19 in North America (alongside New Super Mario Bros 2), and August 23 in Australia and New Zealand.

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