A new model Nintendo DSi console is being launched this month in Japan with larger 4.2-inch dual screens and a larger stylus. The DSi LL will be bundled with three DSiWare titles pre-installed – a dictionary and two brain training games, and a large and smaller touch pen. It will, however, have the same resolution as the previous DSi. Nintendo says the battery can last around four-five hours in extensive use mode and approximately 13-17 hours in energy-saving mode. These are around 25 percent improvements over previous models.

The new DSi LL measures 161 x 91.4 x 21.1mm, weighs 100g more than the DSi at 314g and its larger stylus is roughly the same size as a pen. The DSi model had smaller 3.25-inch screens. Also it looks like there’s still no console slot incorporated into the unit.

The Nintendo DSi LL is set for release in Japan on November 21 for ¥20,000 (US$220), and will be available in Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White. Nintendo UK has said that the system would be called the DSi XL in Europe and will be available in the first quarter of 2010. No news yet on whether the DSi LL will appear on U.S. shelves.

So, if you find you are squinting trying to play your old DSi or know a gamer who's a little optically-challenged, this bigger screen and stylus upgrade could be worth purchasing.

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