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Six-bladed Rolling Razor ups the ante against sharp competition

Six-bladed Rolling Razor ups t...
The Rolling Razor
The Rolling Razor
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The Rolling Razor
The Rolling Razor

November 3, 2008 If you watch a lot of TV commercials, you could be forgiven for thinking that today's top white-coated science professionals have no higher goal than delivering you and I the perfect shaver. Gillette, having almost reached the logical conclusion of its "more blades = more sales" policy, currently touts the "Fusion Power Phenom" as its flagship stubble eliminator, packing no fewer than FIVE blades, one precision trimmer, 15 microfins and a battery-powered, microchip controlled micropulse generator that improves "razor glide." But Rolling Razor are fighting back with a rubber-grip ring mounted, double tilting headed monster featuring no less than SIX blades mounted in opposing directions so you can shave UP as well as DOWN.

Shaving has certainly come a long way since the first beard hit the floor at the stroke of a sharp knife, and the Rolling Razor is merely the latest in an ever more comical procession of technologies.

This small device fits over your index finger and is held and tilted by the thumb. The two blade heads encourage a flowing down-up stroke that takes the bulk of the whiskers off, then goes for total smooth against the grain on the upstroke. The company claims that since your fingers are so close to the action, it's easier to regulate pressure and avoid cuts that with a stick razor.

The replaceable heads come in regular, sensitive skin and bump eliminator varieties (the latter claims to help get rid of ingrown whiskers) - and the Rolling Razor is available in a range of fashion colors like Reef Girl, Totally Bronze and Jungle or Desert Camouflage.

Kudos must go to the marketeers at Rolling Razor for providing us with a series of hilarious "how to" videos and some of the most hysterical copywriting we've seen - for example:

"At the first sign of conflict, Ares, the God of War took his legendary spear and shield and cast them both towards the Earth. Upon impact, their primary attributes, the protection from the shield and the precision of the spear, merged to create a totally unique experience, the Jungle Camouflage. Now, the stealth warrior has the ability to deliver both benefits, covertly eliminating any unwanted stubble with precise and calculated moves."

The base razor is USD$14.95, refills are $7.95. See the Rolling Razor website for more information.

Via ShavingStuff.

That is some funny copy writing, but I imagine that Ares could benefit from one of these gadgets, Greek god beard and all. I have a rolling razor, not a jungle-thing, and I like it a lot. It's a lot of fun to use.
When I first saw the rolling razor I had to try it. I have been using it now for a year and no longer cut, or nick myself and better I get no more red bumps or rashes! it works around my ankle, under my arms, and on my bikini line. I would recommend to everyone and even bought one for all my friends last Christmas!