"Practice makes perfect." It's an the old expression that InfoMotion is aiming to build on with some new tech. The 94Fifty practice basketball uses six built-in sensors to give players an array of feedback data and help identify what parts of their game they need to work on the most.

The ball is able to measure things such as how accurately and quickly the player is shooting, the amount of arc on a shot, the quality of release and backspin, and the force and speed of a dribble. The idea is that players just use the ball to practice as they normally would, but receive feedback in more detail than the human eye can detect.

The Bluetooth-equipped ball and its smartphone companion app works in four different ways — Workout, Quicktraining, Compete, and Challenge. Workout and QuickTraining are designed for players to practice on their own, while Compete is for up to four players to battle it out in the same place, and Challenge lets players compare their stats to anyone around the world.

The 94Fifty's battery should be good for eight-hours of use and it recharges with Qi wireless charging. Importantly, despite the sensors, it maintains the exact weight of a regulation ball.

The ball will be available in early March through a Kickstarter campaign. Pricing information is not available at this time. The company also has plans to bring this technology to other sports, but has not offered any specifics as yet.

The pitch video below shows the 49Fifty basketball in action.

UPDATE: The company's Kickstarter campaign is now up and running.

Source: 94Fifty via Werd

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