A digital camera for dogs!

A digital camera for dogs!
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October 10, 2004 An interesting trend in high tech pet care seems to be developing.

In recent times Gizmo has reported on the cat toilet training seat and the Bow-Lingual dog translation device. Now this week we have two new high tech products for pets - a cell phone and a digital camera.

The 0.3 MPX Tomy Wonderful Shot camera straps on under the collar and at 38grams in weight and 55x52x12mm in size, is light enough to suit even the smallest pooch and perhaps even larger cats.

It can be triggered remotely via a remote control, though this appears to work only over a very limited range of 3 metres, and there are timer options to trigger the camera to take images at regular intervals ranging from one minute to one hour apart.

With 8mb of on-board memory, there’s enough memory to enable Fido to capture 90 images - a day’s worth of pics so you can see what they’ve been up to while you’ve been at work. The rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries are good for 40 hours. Just plug the camera into your USB port when it’s full, and download – unfortunately, it’s USB1.1

No pricing is available yet, but if you can’t wait to give your pets a creative outlet, try the manufacturer’s web site.

View gallery - 6 images
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