A doggie bowl for greedy eaters

A doggie bowl for greedy eater...
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June 12, 2006 Necessity is the mother of invention and the brake-fast bowl came as the direct result of an owner finding a better way to slow the eating regime of his nine-year old Doberman who always “bolted down her food down.” Michael Kitchen created the bowl to reduce the manageable risks associated with Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus (GDV). GDV ('Bloat') is an urgent, time critical, situation that causes a dog's stomach to distend with air and twist; triggering shock in the animal and requiring immediate emergency treatment. The resultant brake-fast dog food bowl's patent pending design prevents dogs from bolting their food.

Michael Kitchen was concerned about his nine-year old Doberman Onyx’s fast eating. “When we got her, we talked about an idea we had for a food bowl with obstructions in it, but just let time pass,” said Micheal.

“About a year ago we finally decided to make the bowl. We first made a proto-type using a tortilla keeper and wooden dowels. It doubled the time for Onyx to eat her kibble and after testing the idea we decided to take the gamble and start production of the bowl for retail distribution.

“According to a Purdue University Veterinary School study, there are several major risk factors for GDV,” said Kitchen. “They are, older and larger dogs, dogs with deep, narrow chests, dogs with a first-degree relative with a history of GDV and being a faster eater compared with other dogs.”

“So we decided to manage the risk with the food bowl obstructions and created brake-fast bowls as an inexpensive solution for at-risk dog owners to reduce the menace of GDV.

“There are additional benefits of the brake-fast bowl in that the slower eating makes an animal feel fuller and reduces instances of re-eating, it works with kibble or canned food, it is stable and is difficult to tip over, it’s made of durable dishwasher safe plastic, and Veterinarian tested and recommended.

Currently available in medium (5-cup) size, Kitchen tells us that large and small size bowls are coming soon and all will sell for US$14.99 plus shipping and handling.

Brake-fast LLC is a small business start up, but with many big ideas. “We have several other simple, problem-solving products for pet care which we’re developing and will bring to market over the next developing during the next year,” says Kitchen. “Bowls first and then the world and we’d be pleased to hear from potential distributors of the bowls anywhere in the world."

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