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A First Class Traveler for your Data

A First Class Traveler for your Data
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April 4, 2006 Could it be that memory sticks are becoming the next personal luxury item? A few weeks back we wrote about White Lake’s US$3,500 USB Memory Golden Stick and we concluded that we didn’t think it was such a good idea to make memory sticks in bejewelled solid gold because having a 4GB stick might not be so cool this time next year when everyone else has 16GB. Clearly we were wrong. Now Victorinox has collaborated with two other Swiss companies, Bonfort and Swissbit, to create a luxury USB memory stick on which to carry your most precious data in incomparable style. Silly?

No, because the memory stick can be detached from the main body in order to be exchanged or up-grade at a later date. This limited edition memory collection named SWISSMEMORYprestigeTH is available only in shells of solid 925-sterling silver or 18 ct. white and yellow gold. Each model comes in either shiny or matt finish and in various classical and modern patterns. Some designs are handcrafted, mounted with natural diamonds by the world’s best craftsmen, and all are 100% SWISS MADE. Prices start at about US$1000, come with a 1 GB storage capacity and a warranty of two years.

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