A new breed of computer human interface for sports video game fans

A new breed of computer human interface for sports video game fans
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March 22, 2006 From the time the first steering wheel controller was hooked to a computer, the future of video game controllers grew exponentially larger. Whatever the game being played, there was bound to be something that could be manufactured that would enhance the realism of the experience. Qmotions is a company devoted to creating new kinds of interactive experiences that combine real-world physicality with the immersive virtual environments found in computer and console video games and at last month’s American International Toy Fair 2006 it rolled out several new such interfaces, most notably its Xboard (for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and windsurfing video games), and Qmotions-Fun Fitness, a new device that converts recumbent bikes into video game machines, offering a compelling way to get fit and play games at the same time. There’s also a golf and a baseball controller, offering a diverse range of indoor fun for otherwise outdoor activities.

"With Qmotions-XBoard and Qmotions-Fun Fitness, we are expanding the reach of the video game industry through innovative combinations of great games and fitness in one fun and seamless encounter," said Amro Albanna, founder and CEO, Qmotions, Inc.


No wax needed. Compatible with current surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and even windsurfing video games, the board plugs in to existing game consoles to enhance video gameplay, provide a lifelike board-sport experience and offer a unique avenue for at-home fitness. Available: Spring 2006 for under $100.

Qmotions-Fun Fitness

Race to victory -- and health. A brand new device that converts recumbent bikes into video game machines, Qmotions-Fun Fitness is compatible with auto racing and jet ski games and existing game consoles. Gamers and cyclists control the speed of their video game vehicle by pedaling their recumbent bike. Other game commands are handled through a complementary Qmotions controller. Available: Spring 2006 for under $100.


Batter up. Recently launched, Qmotions-Baseball delivers actual "full motion" player participation in popular Windows and console based video games. Players step up to the plate with the Batter-Up sleeve equipped bat and swing: full swing batting, bunting, pull, up-the-middle, and opposite field hitting. Available: Now for US$150

Qmotions-Golf Tee up with this one-of-a-kind Indoor Golf Simulation System that offers distinctive golf experience to beginners and experts alike. Through this state-of-the-art, highly accurate controller, golfers experience off the green, full-motion interactive involvement in popular golf games for Windows and console systems. Available: Now for US$200

View gallery - 8 images
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