A new type of childs seat for bicycles

A new type of childs seat for bicycles
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The safety and wellbeing of children is paramount to all parents, along with being able to share new experiences and adventures together. If you’ve ever looked at the traditional behind-the-rider child’s seat on a bicycle and felt it looked a bit vulnerable, then welcome to the world of parenting. If there’s a runaway locomotive or out-of-control dump-truck, you’d like the opportunity to backhand it out of the way before it reaches your precious offspring. Weeride is an award winning design that is uniquely engineered, and allows the rider to share the adventure of cycling with children as young as 12 months in a safer, more enjoyable environment.

Weeride is a centre mounted bicycle child carrier that mounts on almost any bicycle between the front handle bar tube and the seat post. The result is a seat from which a child can enjoy and share the adventure of the cycling experience surrounded by a protective pair of arms.

Weeride offers many advantages over traditional bicycle child carriers including improved balance thanks to the child's position on the bicycle being much closer to the centre of gravity.

In addition, there’s better communication between rider and child and it has the added advantage of the rider being able to monitor the child’s actions and movements.

Weeride provides a more comfortable, enjoyable riding experience for the child, and offers enhanced safety because the rider’s arms surround child and it is easy to remove child carrier for riding alone.

Weeride will be available from November 2004 via for a retail price of AUD$149.95.

Until such time as the internet site is live, Weeride can be contacted in Australia on 1800 609 572 and in New Zealand on 0800 775 773

View gallery - 4 images
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