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A razor JUST for shaving your own head

A razor JUST for shaving your own head
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A new shaver designed solely for shaving heads has been released in the United States - the Headblade. Whatsmore, the US$15 shaver has already received recognition from Time Magazine as one of the best designs of the year.

The science of mens' grooming seems to be moving ahead rapidly, due to the immense value of the massive global shaving market.

Only last week Gizmo reported on the new Gillette M3Power razor, and within days we'd had the Headblade brought to our attention.

Logically, different parts of the body put different requirements on shavers, and the women's shaving market has quite different razor designs to that of men. That was the premise of headblade founder and inventor Todd Greene when he found that normal razors just weren't suitable for shaving his head.

'I wanted to create an instrument that would make it easier to shave my head", he said.

'As a head shaver myself, I realized how difficult and time consuming it can be to shave your own head using a traditional razor - without getting nicks and cuts,' said Greene.

'The blades were good, but the handle seemed unfit for the job. I wanted to find a way for my hand to become the handle.'

The HeadBlade measures less than two-and-a-half inches long, and has a three-finger control pod with a hook that wraps around the middle finger. The unique design allows users to simply sweep their scalp with a gliding motion, like running a hand through their hair. There's an animation on the headblade site which shows the headblade in action.

But how could Greene have been so confident that his product would be a success? It's simple: it makes shaving your head a whole lot easier, and it was introduced on the wings of a major trend in popular culture. Shaved heads are suddenly quite fashionable, perhaps due to necessity as the aging male population becomes follically challenged and decides a shaved head is a more cost-effective and manly solution than a $10,000 hair transplant.

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1 comment
Joe Musso
Do not use this it took an inch off of my scalp and I was shaving gentle like normal. ...