Italian yacht designer Christian Grande, who brought us the luxurious Picchio Boat, has recently come up with a floating village concept. Dubbed Abifloat, the project features a collection of floating homes that incorporate modular and sustainable design.

Abifloat features a cluster of ten homes measuring 6.5 m by 3.25 m (21 ft x 11 ft) that branch off a central boardwalk. Each individual building can be personalized inside and out due to a modular system and the load bearings can support a two-level structure. By simply aligning a series of the clusters together you can easily create a floating village, resort, mall or even an on-the-water office hub.

"The house boat project was conceived to offer a high level of customization for interior and exterior finishings," says Christian Grande Design Works. "The residential user can have a lot of fun not only in configuring the ideal living space, but also in selecting energy efficient furnishings and home automation systems."

Taking advantage of the water front views, the design options include floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors which join the living space to an outdoor deck. Other modules include a rooftop terrace, outdoor dining and/or private lounge areas. Each floating home has a private entrance, modular furnishings and mooring for a boat.

The technology behind the Abifloat concept features load bearings made from aluminum posts and stringers, buoyancy reserves, sandwich wall technology made from recycled plastic, and thermal insulation made from lightweight straw, cork or chipboard honeycombed baffles.

Each exterior is clad with attractive Teak panels and features a flat aluminum roof, complete with solar panels. The home's flooring has been designed to house electrical and plumbing systems such as pumps, compressors and waste holding tanks, alongside hollow sections to offer thermal and acoustic insulation.

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