Yacht designer Christian Grande has joined forces with award winning Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino to come up with a "dream" boat design. Dubbed Picchio Boat (Woodpecker Boat), the luxury catamaran concept boasts large living zones, natural wooden decking, luxury furnishings and a stunning glass-bottom master bedroom.

The 21-m (71-ft) craft is conceptualized to be more of a floating holiday home than your standard catamaran. With the desire to create a boat that can comfortably accommodate a young family for long periods of time, the Picchio Boat features a large rooftop deck with kitchenette, large outdoor and indoor living zones, indoor dining room, kitchen, guest bedrooms and a fully equipped master bedroom. What's more the indoor master bedroom and main living area also feature stunning glass-bottom flooring, hovering over the sea.

In addition, the catamaran includes customized features such as high bulwarks, removable canvas sun protectors, two vertical garden walls, a large children's play room with foldaway berths and sofas and two guest suites with private ensuites.

The Picchio Boat is a "sort of recreational island to be lived [in], without any need to show or boast it," says Christian Grande.

There's been no word on the expected cost to create the Picchio Boat or whether it's likely to be built.

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