Over the past year or so, last mile commuters looking for an easier way to get around town have been renting lightweight and portable electric kickscooters. Firms like Lime and Bird have clocked up millions of rides in cities across the US (and beyond), so it's no surprise that mobility hardware manufacturers are getting in on the action. Maker of skateboards and rocketskates Acton also has its fingers in the electric kickscooter market, and has announced its first fleet-ready model – the M Scooter Pro – which is due for launch in January 2019.

"Our team has highly specialized experience in the field of micro-transportation as we were one of the first 'Last Mile'-specific manufacturers," said Acton's co-founder Peter Treadway. "We have excelled at creating smart, technologically advanced mobility devices for many years, starting back when no one even knew what micro-transportation was.

"With the recent surge of scooter-sharing programs, we noticed a gap in the market for a dependable, long-lasting, sustainable scooter. We leveraged our vast knowledge and experience to provide these companies with a more reliable and profitable scooter. It's built like a vehicle, not a toy, to withstand the everyday wear and tear of commercial use, meantime, offering a smoother and better riding experience for riders."

Like Superpedestrian's ride-sharing e-scooter announced earlier in the week, the M Scooter Pro has been designed to last quite a bit longer than the painfully short fleet lifespan average of around 3 months maximum, though exactly how long that might be hasn't been revealed.

Initially, the electric scooter will come with a 30+ mile range per charge, but the presser suggests that this may be increased in the future. It offers a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h) from its 400 W hub motor, which should also see it ace 20 percent inclines.

The M Scooter Pro – which shares little with the sit down M scooter concept we caught a glimpse of back in 2013 – features airless tires for puncture-free city jaunts, front fork suspension to smooth out some of the bumps along the way, integrated LED lighting front and back and both electric and mechanical braking.

Cabling is hidden inside the e-scooter's frame, there's a smart lock feature, a mid-handlebar ride computer and grips that end in turn signal indicators. And it comes fitted with something called the IoT box that allows fleet managers to remotely geofence the ride and set locations where users are allowed to park up, all while keeping tabs on deployed e-scooters over the cloud.

Optional add-ons such as phone mounts, baskets, cupholders and additional smart features will be made available, too.

The order books for ride share fleet operators are open now, though Acton is keeping mum on pricing at the moment.

Product page: Acton M Scooter Pro

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