Adaptalux is a modular lighting system which features flexible spider-like LED arms to offer macro photographers and videographers adaptable and creative lighting options. The system consists of a control pod, LED arms, and a number of attachable effect components and is currently vying for funding on Kickstarter.

At the core of the Adaptalux setup is the control pod, a battery-powered command center for the system which the LED lighting arms are connected into using a patent-pending magnetic connector. The unit automatically detects how many lighting arms out of a possible five are connected, and three buttons on the unit can then be used to independently control the brightness of the LED lights.

The control pod can deliver 2.5 hours of use on a single charge (three lights at 50 percent power) or be directly powered from USB via computer or mains. It pulses the LEDs independently at 4 million times a second to deliver accurate brightness control, while maximizing battery life. A standard tripod thread on the bottom of the unit means it can easily be mounted in a number of ways.

The high power LED arms themselves will initially come in five colors (white, blue, red, green and amber) have a color rendering index of at least 80, and can output up to 165 lumens, meaning they will be bright enough to shoot some macro subjects without needing a tripod. Each of the fully flexible arms also measures 30 cm (11.8 in) long allowing them to be positioned as required, while the beam angle can be adjusted from 120° down to 24° by twisting the head of the light.

This setup allows users to have comprehensive control over their macro photography, macro videography and product photography lighting. However, the Adaptalux also has another little trick up its sleeve in the form of effect components which magnetically attach to the head of the lighting arms. There are a range of diffusers (three grades) and multiple color filters which snap on to give more lighting options, while a stage and backdrop unit allow users to better control the environment of a subject.

The stage provides a surface to place a subject onto, and control over the lighting means that all ground shadows can be easily eliminated. The backdrop setter, which also connects to one of the lighting arms, offers the ability to produce a plain color background to an image, gradients by dimming the brightness, or stylized backdrops which can be magnetically attached.

The team behind Adaptalux is also working on an app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones which will be used to help users share their lighting set-ups, and the images they have created, with others. If funding is successful, it's hoped that Adaptalux will expand into a wider lighting system and there are already plans to create flash lighting arms.

Adaptalux is on Kickstarter and has until May 2 to meet its £100,000 (US$149,233) target. An Adaptalux starter kit with a control pod, two lighting arms, one diffuser and one filter is available at a pledge level of £100 ($149).

A combo pack (control pod, four lighting arms, all grades of diffuser and all color filters) and an ultimate pack (control pod, four white lighting arms and all other colors, all grades of diffuser and all color filters, are also available for a respective pledges of £170 ($254) and £300 ($448) respectively. IF all goes to plan, shipping is due to begin in November.

You can check out the Adaptalux Kickstarter video below.

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