Adept announces Cobra s800 packaging robot

Adept announces Cobra s800 pac...
Adept Cobra s800 Inverted SCARA IP65 robot
Adept Cobra s800 Inverted SCARA IP65 robot
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Adept Cobra s800 Inverted SCARA IP65 robot
Adept Cobra s800 Inverted SCARA IP65 robot

May 14, 2008 The latest high-speed handling robot from Adept Technology - the Cobra s800 Inverted IP65- is designed for case and carton loading applications in the packaged goods industry.

The Cobra is the fastest robot in its class, is impervious to dust, dirt and liquid, can handle multiple packaging applications and because of its inverted design, it also saves valuable floor space.

It is a high-performance SCARA (Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) robot system designed for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screwdriving, and many other operations requiring fast and precise automation. The robot offers maximum flexibility and scalability according to Adept: a 70% reduction in wiring over other SCARA robots, and unique cost-saving expansion capabilities that are only available with Adept SmartServo.

The Cobra s800 also supports high-performance options including conveyor tracking, vision guided motion, auxiliary servo axes, general machine control.

The new Cobra forms part of Adept’s Quattro s650 portfolio of high-performance motion controllers, application development software, vision-guidance technology and high-reliability robot mechanisms.

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