Things are heating up in the world of custom sneakers. Last year, Nike launched an online service called PhotoiD that analyses your favorite Instagram photos, creates a colour palette out of them, and lets you build a sneaker design out of it.

But it seems Adidas is prepared to one-up Nike by creating a similar app for iPhone and Android that lets you take your favourite photos, map them directly onto a pair of ZX Flux sneakers and have them made and sent to you.

In the teaser images supplied by Adidas, they actually come up with some pretty nice shoe designs – check out the gallery for examples.

Of course, these represent some of the best case scenarios. When asked, Gizmag contributor Nick Lavars immediately suggested I should get a pair printed with his smiling face on them. I declined on the basis that with that cheesy mug peering up from my footwear, no self-respecting lady would ever wear a dress in my presence again.

The Adidas photo print app is set to debut in August this year.

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