Adidas has taken shoe design to interesting places recently, playing with unique materials such as biodegradable fabrics and ocean plastics last year. Now the design team has binned the laces to create the UltraBOOST Laceless performance running shoe.

The laceless design of the latest UltraBOOST comes courtesy of woven Primeknit material, something that Adidas has taken to using in its high-end sneakers. The fresh design looks cleaner than more conventional shapes with laces, which is something that should appeal to fashion-conscious buyers.

According to Adidas, the shoes were created using motion tracking technology to ensure they offer the same support and functionality as lace-up shoes. The elastic upper section should contour to the wearer's foot, which the company says will make the shoes more comfortable and adaptable to whatever the wearer wants to do.

"In removing laces, such a fundamental component of the silhouette, refinement of the remaining core elements was paramount," says Stephan Schneider, Senior Product Manager at Adidas Running. "We reimagined the Primeknit architecture, making it more supportive and compressive to enable runners to feel released and empowered to achieve their full potential."

Unlike some previous Adidas creations, the Ultraboost Laceless won't be a limited edition, and you won't have to battle the crowds at a strange popup store. They're already available in Western Europe for €200, and will be released in the US on September 1 for US$200.

Source: Adidas

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