California-based Aeros Corporation has completed construction of its Aeroscraft airship proof-of-design sub-scale prototype. The 79-meter (260-ft) long aircraft will demonstrate the vertical take-off and landing and point to point delivery capabilities of the platform, paving the way for a planned full-scale craft that will be almost twice as long and carry payloads of up to 66 tons.

“The vehicle construction is complete and this is truly the beginning of a vertical global transportation solution for perhaps the next 100 years,” said Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak after the final configuration and vehicle systems integration functionality testing was completed.

Calling it “the world’s first rigid variable buoyancy air vehicle,” Aeros hopes the Aeroscraft will revolutionize global cargo transport for commercial and military sectors with its ability to load and unload cargo without re-ballasting or ground infrastructure and deliver cargo point to point more economically and with less emissions than existing methods.

Video of the completed Aeroscraft’s first (ground) movement can be viewed below, but we’re looking forward to video of its first flight in the not too distant future.

Source: Aeros

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