Italian kitchen-maker Snaidero has teamed up with Italian appliance maker Falmec to create an island range hood that boasts air-ionizing technology. Instead of simply acting as an exhaust fan to draw away cooking fumes, the new “green” hood eliminates odors and sanitizes the air in the same way as an air ionizing air purifier.

By applying a bipolar electric field to the flow of air generated by the extractor hood, Snaidero says its new Greenhood attracts volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and neutralizes them by turning them into water and CO2. The rangehood also deactivates viruses, bacteria and allergens by breaking down their external membranes and neutralizes mildew, fungi and spores and tobacco smoke, and eliminates particulates from the air.

Snaidero says the rangehood can be used to sanitize the air even when not cooking, with a sensor embedded in the extractor hood detecting the air quality, which is indicated by a leaf symbol on the unit’s push button panel that will turn from yellow to green as the air quality improves.

But one of the biggest advantages of the Greenhood is that it eliminates the need for exhaust pipes to direct the extracted air outside, as is the case with traditional range hoods. As well as potentially making it cheaper to install in existing buildings and opening up kitchen design possibilities, it means that hot indoor air in summer and air conditioned air in winter isn’t simply funneled outside.

Source: Snaidero

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