Need to pump up a ball, bike tire or whatnot, but don't feel like doing a lot of manual pumping? You could take the item up to your local gas station and use its compressor, but Airman is hoping that you'll use its Airgun instead.

The Airgun is a battery-powered mini air compressor, that's very similar in form to a cordless power drill.

It has a 5-inch (127-mm) flexible hose on the end, which threads onto the Shrader-style air valve of things like bicycle tires. An integrated LED helps users see what they're doing when attaching that hose. There are also some adapters included, for use on recreational equipment such as balls and toys.

To use it, you first use its push-buttons to enter the desired air pressure, which will appear on its LCD display in your choice of psi, kpi or bar. You then hook up its hose, hold down its trigger, and start filling – it will automatically stop when it reaches the right pressure.

It can reportedly fill an "average city bike tire" to 58 psi (4 bar) in one minute, or bring a 10-liter tire up to 36 psi (2.5 bar) in three. If its lithium-ion battery gives out, it can also be powered via an included 12-volt car cigarette lighter adapter.

And on the topic of cars ... although Hammacher Schlemmer is now promoting the Airgun for use on automobile tires, Airman itself lists it as not being rated for anything heftier than ATV or quad tires. So, make of that what you will.

Pricing for the Airgun starts around US$70, depending on the retailer.

Source: Airman

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