Homebrewing alcohol can be fun and easier on the hip pocket than a case of craft beer or cider, but for what it saves in cash, it can drain in time and effort. Alchema aims to simplify the process with the help of a user-friendly smart cider homebrewer and an app that provides clear instructions, recipes, and tips for creating your own concoctions.

According to its creators, Alchema was designed to make brewing cider as easy as brewing coffee. "Almost two million Americans have attempted to homebrew, but it usually turns out disappointing in terms of flavor or complexity to use," says Oscar Chang, CEO of Alchema. "We want to make homebrewing easy and fun for everyone to create and share over and over."

Before each batch, the device will sanitize the pitcher by blasting it with medical-grade UV-C LED lights, to prevent contaminants from crashing the party. Following a recipe on the Alchema app, users pour in their fruit of choice, along with sugar, water and yeast. A built-in scale at the bottom of the tank makes sure the right amount of each ingredient is going in, and then it's a case of set and forget.

Unlike standard homebrewing procedure, there's no need to monitor the brew personally: the inner goings-on are all handled by the app, much like the BrewBot from a few years ago. The curious can still check in on its progress if they like, but otherwise, Alchema will notify users when it's time to break out the cider glasses.

Alchema is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and after two days has already taken in nearly three quarters of its US$80,000 goal. The Super Early Bird specials have sold out, so pledges now start at $329. If all goes to plan, shipping will begin in July next year.

The team explains the project in the video below.

Source: Alchema

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