Aleratec has released its new portable hard disk drive duplicator, the HDD Copy Cruiser Mini. Designed for the budget-conscious consumer, the Copy Cruiser Mini offers 1-to-1 copying of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA I and II hard disk drives. Aleratec says the device is aimed at consumers who want copy their HDDs for backup or when they move to a new computer, but who don’t need the bulk and high price of an industrial model. The Copy Cruiser Mini can also be used for external storage or data backup by connecting it to a computer using its USB port.

The Aleratec HDD Copy Cruiser Mini can be used as both a standalone HDD duplicator and as a USB HDD docking station. In standalone mode, the Copy Cruiser Mini duplicates 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch (6.4 or 8.9cm) SATA I/II drives with no need for an external computer. When used as a docking station, the Copy Cruiser Mini connects to a computer through its USB 2.0 port and user-supplied HDDs act as external storage or data backup drives.

To use the Copy Cruiser Mini, simply insert your source SATA I/II HDD into one quick-connect bay, and your destination HDD into the other bay. Press the start button and the Copy Cruiser Mini begins copying the hard disk drive at 72 MB/s. Duplication is performed sector-by-sector, including disk partitions and boot sector information. The result is a clone of your source hard disk drive.

The Aleratec HDD Copy Cruiser Mini is available now at an estimated street price of US$169.99. For additional information visit

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