Logicube SuperSonix 2nd Generation SATA Hard Drive Duplicator

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August 28, 2008 Hard drive duplication technology specialist Logicube has launched the SuperSonix, the successor to its highly successful Sonix portable, hand-held hard disk drive duplicator. The SuperSonix is the fastest hand-held duplicator on the market, delivering cloning speeds approaching 6GB/min. It features a new color touch screen and an intuitive Wizard function to step novice users through key cloning processes. Built-in support for SATA and PATA hard drives, USB connectivity and support for Firewire 1394B is featured. eSATA and microSATA drive support is also available with optional cables.

The SuperSonix is compatible with Windows Vista and offers a variety of cloning modes including sector-by-sector copying, selected partitions copying and copying-only data areas.

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