Turn heads at the yacht club with Alfra Vico's Marino 52

Turn heads at the yacht club with Alfra Vico's Marino 52
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A new yacht design by Barrett Prelogar and Franco Marino Cagnina blends extravagant features with all the functionality you would expect from a modern-day watercraft. The Alfra Vico Marino 52 is set to be the ideal boat for a weekend getaway - able to accommodate about 15 people for a day trip - or sleep the owners in luxurious five-star comfort. It features a captain's station with unobstructed 360-degree views, self-contained bedroom and custom-built-kitchen, as well as purpose-build patent-pending electronic control systems and other essential functional components.

Prelogar's fond memories of spending summers at his grandfather's lake house helped inspire his love of classic watercraft. He plans to build contemporary luxury yachts between 16 and 30 meters (approx. 52 to 98 feet) that have a distinct style and purpose. He envisages them being suitable for couples or businesspeople who like to use their watercraft for day cruising and entertaining. The first of these yacht concepts is the Alfra Vica Marino 52.

The galley on the Marino 52 will host a myriad of appliances hidden behind concealment panels. Yes, it has everything, including the kitchen sink - a convection oven, refrigerator and ice-maker, cook-top, barbecue and dishwasher. Guests can relax on the lounge seating in front of a 46-inch high definition, flat-screen monitor, while the concealed sound stereo system adds to the theater-like experience.

For guests on deck, the yacht will feature a huge deck space with teak recliners, sun-pad and large sofas set on mechanized deck sections. If sea conditions are not perfect, a "bimini" - a soft-top canopy that is retractable and extendable - provides shelter. It's able to cover as much or as little of the deck as required, and if conditions are less than ideal, curtain canvas sections can be released to fully enclose the deck and cockpit. A heating or air-conditioning system can then be operated to provide an ambient temperature.

The fully-concealed anchor will feature several patent-pending components, including electronically-adjustable settings for various spar-rake-angles. The anchor is released from its spring-loaded and locked position by a button on the "YachtStick".

Meanwhile, at the helm, the captain will enjoy the luxury of either sitting down or standing to command the vessel and, with the fully computerized digital systems controlling the steering, engine and navigation, he (or she) can take the time to admire a 360-degree view.

For overnight guests, the Marino 52 will offer a king-sized berth, with storage and bathroom facilities. The bathroom features a double vanity, full-sized toilet and enormous 1-square-meter (approx. 10 sq ft) walk-in shower which is lit by large skylights and functioning portholes.

There's no doubt that boating connoisseurs and design enthusiasts will see similarities between Marino 52 and the 118 WallyPower SuperYacht, winner of a Millennium Design Award in 2004. Who was it that said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"?

See AlfraVica for more details.

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Cool, at last a Wally yacht that will fit in the Geneva Lake :-)