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Aliens closing at UK Science Museum and going on tour to France, Spain, USA

Aliens closing at UK Science Museum and going on tour to France, Spain, USA
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February 18, 2006 The Science of Aliens exhibition at the UK Science Museum is in its last week and will be closing on 26 February before it goes on its international tour. This much-praised exhibition is great brain fodder for anyone who has ever wondered what life may be like on other planets, enabling you to take a close look at famous aliens we all know, dive into the deep seas to find the alien creatures here on Earth and get interactive with a series of unique hands-on exhibits. The Science of Aliens blends our eternal fascination with life on other planets with the work of leading scientists who used the latest discoveries and scientific principles to imagine alien worlds and creatures, exploring the very real possibilities for alien life. Cutting edge hands-on displays will give visitors the chance to actually interact with these scientifically based creatures. The exhibition tour will start with Thinktank in Birmingham, UK, then onto France and Spain. There will also be a duplicate exhibition opening in Miami, USA in October.

The exhibition is divided into four distinct zones:

1. Alien Fiction explores the fascination with alien life through recent history, looking at aliens in films, television and literature - from The Blob to ET to The Predator. Visitors will discover how these aliens are modern expressions of deeper themes that have fascinated generations through fairytales and myths since the beginning of time. Visitors will be greeted by the imposing Alien Queen from the critically acclaimed Aliens movie and a host of other science fiction alien creatures including The Vogons and a family of Clangers

2. Alien Science investigates some of the real but extremely weird, creatures that thrive here on Earth, before embarking on a journey around our solar system and into deep space in search of the home of alien life. Visitors will be able to investigate frightening specimens from Earth’s deepest oceans, explore the amazing evolution of life on Earth and find out how this helps scientists understand the possibilities for alien life. Massive globes and an interactive galaxy map explore the latest planetary science.

3. Alien Worlds features two planets created by leading scientists from around the world for a new Channel 4 TV documentary. The experts used the science in zone 2 to imagine the kind of life that could evolve on two fictional, but scientifically credible worlds - Aurelia and Blue Moon. Giant interactive landscapes enable visitors to interact with the creatures, learn more about them and influence their behaviour, making them hide, hunt and move around their planets, before triggering world-altering global events. This will be the first time these cutting edge interactives will be seen in the UK.

4. Alien Communications looks at the search for alien intelligence, showing how scientists are listening for signals from outer space and how they have attempted to communicate with alien civilisations. Visitors will be able to listen to space and to compose a message to an alien - scientific or spiritual, welcome or warning.

The exhibition is the first in a series that will tackle major scientific subjects planned by new touring exhibitions company, Science & Media LLP. The Science of Crime and The Science of Speed will follow.

The exhibition's Sales and Marketing Manager, James Rudoni, told Gizmag, "The exhibition tour will start with Thinktank in Birmingham, then onto France and Spain. We will also be launching a duplicate of the exhibition in the US, opening in Miami this October. We have only been looking for venues since the exhibition opened in October 2005 and we have been delighted with the interest that we have received from potential venues and it a testament to the exhibition's quality that we already have so many venues agreeing to book it so soon."

Interested venues can contact James here.

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