We've already seen quite a few motorized wheels that let you convert your existing bike into an e-bike. The Alizeti 300C system, however, takes a different approach. Similar in concept to the Rubbee, it's based around an integrated rear rack.

Controlled by a hard-wired handlebar-mounted remote, the aluminum-bodied 11-lb (5-kg) 300C utilizes a 500-watt motor to spin up a rubber friction wheel which flips down onto the bike's rear tire. That wheel is subsequently held in contact using an automatic pressure control system. Riders can choose between different levels of electrical pedalling assistance, including none at all (with the wheel lifted off the tire) or a no-pedal throttle mode.

A top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) is possible, along with a range of 20 miles per 5-hour charge of the removable lithium-ion battery – although that range can be doubled by sliding in an optional second battery.

The 300C additionally features built-in turn indicators, a brake light and an electric horn, along with a pulsing LED headlight on the handlebar remote. It also has a motion-activated antitheft system, which will cause a 90-decibel alarm to sound, the lights to flash and the motor to lock up, if the bike is moved while left unattended.

And yes, you can use the rack part of the device as a rack, mounting panniers on it.

Montreal-based Alizeti is currently raising production funds for the 300C system, via a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of CAD$749 (about US$587) will get you one, with delivery expected to take place in June if things go according to plan. The estimated retail price is CAD$1,092 (US$855).

The system can be seen in use, in the video below.

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