Between stuff like wallets, smartphones, energy supplements, pumps and tire levers, mountain bikers already have quite a few things to carry when they go out for a ride. With that in mind, Italian entrepreneur Giacomo Macoratti decided that the multitool didn't have to be one of them. His All In Multitool is designed to stay on the bike full-time, nestled into the crank hollow. We recently tried the thing out for ourselves.

The steel-bodied All In Multitool comes with six interchangeable bits (four Allen keys from size 3 to 6mm, a T25 Torx and a #1 Phillips screw bit) which magnetically pop into a socket on the end, that pivots 90 degrees. If users wish, they can purchase other bits at their local hardware store, and swap those in. A user-supplied replacement chain link can also be pushed into the holes along its side.

It weighs 115g with all six bits, and simply slides in and out of the hollow space inside the crank axle … assuming that space has a diameter of at least 21mm, that is. Seven neodymium magnets in the tool's end cap hold it in place, as long as the crank axle is made of steel. Prospective buyers should definitely check this first – just try holding a magnet up to the axle if you're not sure.

We were initially a little unsure if the tool would stay in place throughout a typical rough-and-bouncy ride, but it did so without any problem. It also didn't rattle, which is definitely an important consideration.

Pulling it out was still easy enough, though, and using it to tighten and loosen various bits and pieces of the bike was a piece of cake. It should be noted that it works best with the socket turned at an angle, with the rest of the tool being used as a lever. When used like a screwdriver, with the socket pointing straight ahead, the end cap tends to come unscrewed as you're twisting it.

Oh, and did we mention that it looks pretty darn sweet? Well as you can see, it does, plus it's nice and solidly-built. It's the type of thing that you want to just heft in your hand and say "Ah, yes …"

The All In Multitool is available now in a choice of six end cap colors, priced at €87.90 (about US$96).

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