All-terrain digital camera

All-terrain digital camera
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August 4, 2005 We’ve got ruggedised notebooks so it makes sense that there would eventually be a digital camera which differentiated itself by being more robust than the others because despite all the major developments in digital camera technology, vulnerability to the elements is often overlooked. The Ricoh Caplio 400G seeks to fill this void, being a high performance digital camera that is water and dust resistant, making it the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. And durable it is – it is designed to float and can be used underwater for a period of 30 minutes to a depth of one metre. Featuring a built-in 3x optical zoom, the 3.34 megapixel Caplio 400G features a reinforced glass dust protector for the lens, a water/dust-resistant casing and rubber packing on opening parts and buttons. The zoom does not extend out of the Caplio 400G’s sealed housing so it remains protected from any dust or dirt. This also reduces the risk of accidental damage to the lens when fully extended.

According to Michelle Turner, Ricoh Photographics Service Manager, sand and grit in the zoom lens is one of the most common problems of camera ownership. “Air is drawn inside every time a zoom lens extends and with that, any salt, sand and moisture that is in the immediate environment, or on the outside of the lens barrel, can enter the lens,” explains Turner.

Grade seven equivalent JIS protection water resistance and grade six dust resistance make it suitable to use in wet, sandy or dusty environments. Its solid rubber housing also gives the camera protection from inadvertent knocks and spills.The heavy duty Caplio 400G does not compromise on speed with a shutter speed of just 0.14 of a second. Six creative program modes and a clear LCD display make appropriate mode selection easy and allow for optimal results in all conditions. Featuring a 1cm macro for close up details, video streaming plus continuous and interval shooting capabilities, the Caplio 400G has everything you would expect of a high-end digital camera with the added bonus of water and dust-resistance. USB and AV connection make viewing and downloading images easy.

Using the supplied li-ion battery, the Caplio 400G can take up to 350 shots between charges with normal usage. It is also compatible with conventional or rechargeable AA batteries and an AC Adapter. The size of the camera is 135x69.5x75.1 millimeters and it weighs approximately 355 grams.

Now price wise, because the Caplio 400G has been in some markets for 12 months, there’s some competitive pricing to be had if you search for it.

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