A lot of cyclists like to take their bike with them when traveling by air, or they'll rent one upon reaching their destination. That said, they may still need a way of transporting it once they get there. Using a folding bike or renting a large vehicle are a couple of solutions, but Allen Sports has now announced another – the AL01, which is billed as being the world's smallest folding bike rack.

Although no exact dimensions have been provided, the 6061-aluminum-framed AL01 is reportedly small enough to fit in a shoebox when folded down. This means that users could carry it in a suitcase, then put it onto the back of a rental sedan, hatchback, SUV or minivan as needed. Using three cinching straps, it can be installed within a matter of seconds.

Some of its other features include dual-compound cradle beds with individual tie-downs, wide pressure-distributing padded feet, and an included carrying bag.

The AL01 is available now on Amazon, for the rather precise price of US$43.02. There's also a two-bike model, the AL02, for $90. You additionally might want to check out the portable, inflatable TrunkMonkey bike rack.

Source: Allen Sports

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