Apple's CarPlay is a feature designed to bring many of the best aspects of iOS directly to the dashboard of a user's car. Up to this point, not many head units have actually been released outside of Volvo including it in the XC90 and Pioneer's new system. Now, Alpine is jumping into the CarPlay market with the introduction of its iLX-007 head unit.

It doesn't appear as if Alpine has changed much about the core interface of CarPlay, which makes sense, as other models have left it largely unaltered. However, it does feature some useful differences from others, such as the ability to use Alpine's own TuneIt app. With this, users can tweak the EQ and other aspects of the sound in great detail. It also lets users share their configurations with friends via social media.

Support for built-in iOS apps like Messages, Maps, Podcasts, iTunes Radio and others is included. Users will also be able to access third-party apps like Rdio.

Since using a phone while driving is unsafe, and in many places illegal, Siri is included with Alpine's iLX-007, allowing users to control most aspects of their in-car entertainment using their voice. On the side of safety, support for Drive Assist cameras is also included, giving users the ability to park with ease.

A 3-inch (7.6-cm) chassis is being offered, which Alpine promises will offer a greater range of installation options for users, though potential buyers will have to head to Alpine retailers to make sure it will fit in their vehicle.

Alpine is shipping its new CarPlay compatible head unit right now for US$800.

Source: Alpine via SlashGear