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AltusLumen TRI-L LED flashlight

AltusLumen TRI-L LED flashlight
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June 16, 2008 Working with a portable light source like a flashlight can quickly become a headache when both hands are required for the job you are doing. Head-mounted torches are a great solution, but they don't always solve the issue if the light beam needs to come from a different direction. Short of growing another arm, this practical and versatile LED light design from AltusLumen is one of the best answers we've seen. Targeted primarily at the engineering market, the TRI-L Magnesium Rechargeable LED Light uses two light sources and a 360 degree hinge to deliver distinctive foldable tripod shapes that should cater for almost any situation.

The dual light sources consist of a Narrow Beam Spot Light for searching and a Wide Beam Area Light for general tasks. The unique angles of the flashlight mean that lighting can be shone in between crevices or anywhere that extra light is required. Made from magnesium (which is one third lighter than aluminum), the TRI-L weighs in at just 140 grams (around 5 ounces) and is 110x60x20mm (4.3x2.4x0.8”) in size.

The battery is a rechargeable Li-ion that will run for around 1.8hours using the Area Light and around 8 hours for the Spot Light. The runtimes can also be extended with an optional battery pack. The battery adopts intelligent power management for its dual light sources by flashing to alert the user that it is running out of battery. Additionally, in the Area Light mode it will automatically turn off of the light is folded up.

The AltusLumenTRI-L retails for USD$99.00.

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