For many businesses and households, a smiling stack of Amazon boxes is a surefire sign of the holiday season. Wouldn't it be great if you knew their exact contents without opening up every one? Now you can, thanks to the new Package X-Ray feature which comes to the Amazon mobile app this week.

Use the in-app camera to scan the mailing label, and the display will populate with the contents. There's also a list view option. No need to worry about privacy – package contents can only be seen by the person who ordered it. Thieves and nosy types can't catch a glimpse (unless they have access and credentials to your phone or Amazon account, of course).

It's a simple convenience that should make it easier to hide presents from other household members, plus it eliminates unnecessary messes, tampering and time wasting.

Of course, Package X-Ray perks may smooth out holiday logistics, but there's still the matter of gift selection in the first place. New Atlas' buying guides may be a good starting point.