TP Vision has announced an upgrade to its Ambilight TV backlighting system designed to work alongside (well, underneath) Philips' hue color-change LED light bulbs, effectively allowing Ambilight effects to fill the entire room. The new system, dubbed Ambilight 4-sided XL, is included on Philips' new 60-in Elevation TV. Its 94 LEDs cover all four sides of the display, and will adapt to match the predominant color of the on-screen action – as will any connected hue bulbs.

TP Vision explains that the Ambilight 4-sided XL "creates the illusion of a TV floating in a big, warm halo of light" (though it also increases visual comfort by reducing glare). To work with Philips' hue light bulbs, viewers will need to download a dedicated Ambilight+hue app available for both iOS and Android. Though it's a given that the app will allow room lighting to dynamically match the color of the TV picture, TP Vision remains tight-lipped about other possible visual effects.

At only 13.5 mm (0.53 in) depth, the 60-inch Philips Elevation is the company's skinniest TV to date. Though it can be wall-mounted, the Elevation alternatively comes with a transparent stand designed specifically to complement the latest Ambilight system.

The TV comes with an integrated keyboard, and provides access to the Philips Smart TV platform, which includes catch-up and on demand video through services like Netflix, and numerous apps such as Skype. It will also support screencasting via the Miracast standard and with Philips' SimplyShare apps.

Philips Elevation is set to launch in Europe and Russia some time in September for £2,800 (US$4,223).

You can get a sniff of it all in the Philips video below.

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