Novelsys' Ampere wireless charging sleeve is intended to make charging a smartphone on the go easier than ever. A leather sleeve with a 2,700-mAh battery tucked inside of it, it's equipped with a wireless charging element – so a user simply needs to slide their phone inside, and it will charge.

The Ampere can accommodate most smartphones, even large ones, though the bigger phones will stick out of the top a bit.

There's also a USB port for faster charging, and for charging devices such as tablets. Both the USB and wireless charging can be used at the same time, which will allow for multi-device charging while on the go. As an additional convenience, users can charge their devices from outside the sleeve by just resting them on top, which means the phone can still be used while charging.

Requirements for wireless charging vary by device. For iPhone, for example, there's a thin Lightning receiver that needs to be attached to the back of the phone. For Google's Nexus 5, no additional hardware is required.

Novelsys is seeking funding to bring its Ampere wireless charging sleeve to market. It already surpassed its US$60,000 goal with over three weeks left in its funding period. Backers who would like to preorder the device for an August 2015 delivery can do so for a minimum pledge of $75 while the early special lasts. From there, it jumps to $79.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the Ampere wireless charging sleeve.

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