Cargo trailers may be handy for hauling stuff around, but the things do take up a lot of room in a driveway or garage. In response to that problem, Quebec-based Apogee Trailers developed its folding Adapt-X.

Constructed mainly of lightweight aluminum (with stainless steel hardware), the Adapt-X can reportedly be folded by a single person in less than 90 seconds, by removing and reinserting a series of fastening pins. Once it is folded and its tow bar is removed, its footprint is 38 inches from front to back (0.9 m).

Some of its other standard features include integrated LED lighting, embedded electrical wiring, marine-grade aluminum fenders, and a skid-resistant checkered-plate floor. Among the optional extras are a grated cover/loading ramp, plus a canoe rack, motorcycle mount, wind deflector, side steps, and caster wheels that allow it to be rolled sideways when folded.

The Adapt-X is available in a variety of sizes and loading capacities, ranging from 4 by 8 feet up to 6 by 10 (1.2 by 2.4 meters up to 1.8 by 3), and from 1,659 lb up to 2,312 (753 to 1,049 kg). It's been available across Canada as of 2018, with a US launch scheduled for the second quarter of this year. Pricing starts at US$2,590.

The folding process is demonstrated in the video below, starting at the 1:20 mark.

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