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Apple releases iOS 6.1 software update, jailbreak coming on Sunday?

Apple releases iOS 6.1 softwar...
Apple released iOS 6.1 today
Apple released iOS 6.1 today
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Starting in iOS 6.1, Siri can direct you to Fandango to buy movie tickets
Starting in iOS 6.1, Siri can direct you to Fandango to buy movie tickets
Apple released iOS 6.1 today
Apple released iOS 6.1 today

Has your iOS device grown bored of running the same firmware for the last three months? Fear not, for after seeding five different betas to developers, Apple today released iOS 6.1 to the public. Perhaps the most exciting detail of this update, though, is that it opens the door for an imminent jailbreak.

More LTE, Siri goes to the movies

Starting in iOS 6.1, Siri can direct you to Fandango to buy movie tickets
Starting in iOS 6.1, Siri can direct you to Fandango to buy movie tickets

iOS 6.1 includes several tweaks, but the biggest is support for new LTE carriers around the world. New LTE locales include Italy, Denmark, and several areas in the Middle East. In total, Apple added 36 new iPhone and 23 new iPad LTE operators.

Apple has the complete lists of compatible iPhone and iPad LTE carriers.

Siri also gets a minor upgrade in iOS 6.1., with US users now able to use the virtual assistant to buy movie tickets through Fandango. When asking Siri about movie times, supported theaters will include a "buy tickets" link. Click it, and the Fandango app will open to complete your transaction.

Super Bowl jailbreak?

iOS 6.1 is a relatively minor update, but its corresponding jailbreak will be anything but. A team of iOS developers, dubbed the evad3rs, is prepping a major hack that will liberate all recent iOS devices, including the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5G.

One of the jailbreak scene's most prominent devs, Musclenerd, hinted that this Sunday will be fun-day for jailbreakers. Following the iOS 6.1 release, he mentioned Sunday's (American Football) Super Bowl with a link to the jailbreak team's site.

Once the hack is available, you can check Gizmag for complete iOS 6.1 jailbreak instructions. In the meantime, you can check out our iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak guide for older devices.

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Gary McMurray
Jail breaking is now a crimnal office in the USA....
Leah Junker
the update fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 users from getting software updates wirelessly. That aside, the update also fixes other bugs.
James Billingham
@Gary McMurray You are mistaken. That refers to carrier unlocking, not jailbreaking. JBing is still entirely legal, as per the DMCA.
@Leah Junker No, that update was 6.0.1. The iPhone 5's OTA updates have worked fine since.
Rann Xeroxx
Apple and Google have their own criteria for denoting version numbering so my comment may not really apply but when comparing the changes from Android 4.0 to 4.1 then 4.2... there just does not seem to be much to be excited about with iOS 6.1. I mean we all expect bug fixes in updates but its nice to get some solid feature adds.
I mean iOS is rock solid and is the gold standard for a smart phone OS. But Android, and now Windows Mobile, have met that gold standard and are now surpassing iOS with each iteration of updates while iOS is just the same old iOS. Heck, ever Siri was a company that Apple bought and plugged into iOS. Come on Apple, wow us, you did it before, do it again.