If you thought Apple covered its entire year-end lineup at its September iPhone 7 event, think again. The company today sent out invites for one more 2016 shindig, where new Macs are expected to be the main entrée.

As reported by The Loop and other outlets, Apple shot out invites today for the October 27 event on the company's Cupertino campus. The teaser (above) doesn't appear to reveal much, with the words "Hello again" along with an Apple logo with smoky/splashy colors swirling inside. It so happens "Hello" was the first word publicly uttered by the first Macintosh in 1984; take that as you will.

Numerous rumors have been pointing to a refresh of nearly the entire Mac lineup, highlighted by a thinner MacBook Pro with USB-C ports and an OLED strip replacing the standard Fn row of keys. The Retina MacBook Pro line last saw a major redesign in 2012.

The most recent MacBook Pro, the 2015 Retina model(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

New MacBook Airs are expected too, though that's more likely a minor iteration of the current design. iMacs and an external display of some sort to replace the Thunderbolt Display are other possibilities to keep an eye out for. The 12-inch MacBook was already updated earlier this year, and is unlikely to see any new models next week.

New Atlas will have full coverage of the announcements next week.

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