If you're looking to snag an Apple TV, Tim Cook just made a big announcement that's going to make it look a little sweeter next to rivals like Roku, Chromecast and Fire TV.

At Apple's "Spring Forward" event, before getting to the meat of the Apple Watch, Cook threw us an appetizer – announcing that the Apple TV streaming box is dropping from US$99 to $69. That's $30 cheaper than Roku 3 and the Fire TV, $30 more expensive than the Fire TV stick and $35 more than Chromecast.

On the other hand, Apple hasn't updated the set-top-box since 2012 (though there was a minor revision in early 2013), so you could say it's overdue for either an upgrade or price drop. And Apple's long-rumored TV set has yet to materialize, with its importance apparently taking a backseat to Apple Watch development.

Alongside the price change, Apple also announced that HBO Now, the company's standalone streaming service, will launch as an Apple exclusive in April (just in time for the Game of Thrones premiere). That's certainly an enticing reason to take Apple up on its new pricing.

Apple's online store is down at the moment (as almost always happens during product events), but it should be back up later today with the new pricing.

Source: Apple