The new LG Watch Style is highly comparable to the Apple Watch Series 1, the revamped version of the original Apple Watch that was rolled out alongside of the Apple Watch Series 2 edition last September. Here's how the two line up, spec-by-spec.


Like its Series 2 cousin, the Apple Watch Series 1 comes in two sizes. The smaller 38 mm size is one of the least hefty smartwatches we've seen, which might appeal to women or anyone with smaller wrists.

Size-wise, the LG Watch Style falls in between the two, though its round face does make it significantly wider than either Apple Watch. It is also slightly thicker.

Materials (watch face)

The LG Watch Style has a stainless steel case with a plastic back and Gorilla Glass 3 display. The Apple Watch Series 1 has an aluminum case with a composite back and an Ion-X glass display (similar to Gorilla Glass).

To get an Apple Watch made out of more premium materials, you'll have to upgrade to a Series 2 model or one of the Apple Watch Edition models (which have Series 2 internals).


The Style ships with a leather band; Series 1 ships with a silicone sport band. Both straps are removable, so you can swap them out when the occasion calls for it.

For an additional price, you can get silicone bands for the LG watch, and nylon, leather or stainless steel bands from Apple. Third party manufacturers seem to be constantly adding additional options as well.

Display size

The 1.2-inch round display on the LG Watch Style has more overall display area than the rectangular Apple Watches, despite the 42 mm size's larger diagonal measurement.

Display resolution

The Apple Watch packs in slightly higher display resolution than the LG Watch Style.

Pressure-sensitive display

The Apple Watch has a pressure-sensitive touchscreen display. It takes into account how long and hard your taps are, so you can navigate differently depending on the pressure of your fingertip. This technology was a predecessor of the 3D Touch feature on iPhones.

Always-on display option

Of these, only the LG Watch Style has an always-on display option. This lets you see key notifications like time without needing to turn on the display. This feature can be turned off for battery conservation or privacy's sake.

Rotating crown

The Apple Watch did it first, but both watches have a rotating crown for scrolling navigation. This means you can surf your watch contents without relying on taps or voice control.

Water resistance

Both watches are water resistant, but the LG Watch Style is a little more so (excepting its leather band). This Apple Watch can handle splashes, but not submersion.

Cellular connectivity

Neither watch can connect to your cellular data plan. You need to use them in conjunction with Wi-Fi and your smartphone.


Neither of these relatively basic smartwatches include a built-in GPS. You'll need to stick with your phone for route and workout mapping.

Heart rate sensor

The Apple Watch contains a heart rate sensor, which makes it a more capable activity tracker.

Mobile payments

The LG Watch Style is not NFC-equipped, so it does not support mobile payments. With the Apple Watch, you can use Apple Pay with a swipe of the wrist.


All three variants have similar battery capacities, but overall battery life has a number of factors. LG hasn't given a battery life estimate, but Apple's "up to 18 hours" claim has several qualifications.

iPhone/Android compatibility

The LG Watch Style can be paired with both iOS and Android devices, but the Apple Watch is exclusive to iPhone.


The LG Watch Style is one of the first watches to ship with Android Wear 2.0, while the Series 1 includes Apple's latest watchOS software.

Both operating systems include virtual assistants. The Apple Watch has Siri, and the LG Watch Style has Google Assistant (the same technology in Google Pixel phones).

One perk of Android Wear 2.0? It includes an onboard version of the Google Play Store, so you can download apps directly to the watch. With the Apple Watch, you still need to download the apps on your phone first, and then sync with your watch.


The Apple Watch Series 1 is a slightly tweaked version of the original Apple Watch. This revamped model was introduced alongside the Apple Watch Series 2 last September. On the other hand, the LG Watch Style just hit the market earlier this month.

Starting price

The two similarly equipped models are priced accordingly. A mere US$20 more will afford you a 38-mm Apple Watch with a heart rate sensor and pressure-sensitive display, but its iPhone-only compatibility will be a deal breaker for Android owners. You'll also need to jump up to $299 if you want the larger 42-mm Apple Watch.

For more info on these watches, check out our impressions of the LG Watch Style and full-length review of the Apple Watch Series 1.

For more thoroughly equipped watches, you could also check out the LG Watch Sport or the Apple Watch Series 2.

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