Applied Robotics introduces Smart Gripper 2.1

Applied Robotics introduces Sm...
Applied Robotics Smart Gripper 2.1
Applied Robotics Smart Gripper 2.1
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Applied Robotics Smart Gripper 2.1
Applied Robotics Smart Gripper 2.1

January 11, 2008 Employee-owned Applied Robotics has released a new intelligent closed-loop direct-drive gripper known as Smart Gripper 2.1. Designed to deliver precise gripping capabilities with a powerful programming interface, it offers easy integration with commercial robots and Its gripping fingers can be designed by the user to ensure custom use.

The small gripper features accurate robotic finger positioning, varying levels of force, easy installation and requires no external controller. Using a universal operating platform and closed-loop encoder-based positioning of robotic fingers, the new gripper brings precision and flexibility to applications and increases efficiency. The gripper is operated using 24Vdc discrete signals for use with any robot controller. The user pre-programs motions into the Smart Gripper’s non-volatile memory for later recall. Up to 32 programs can be selected using the gripper’s five discrete input lines. The “Smart Gripper” can also provide status back to the robot controller using the gripper’s three discrete output lines.

Applied Robotics manufactures robotic end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions and the new 2.1 is the next step from Smart Gripper 2.0, designed for handling labware. Commercial applications for wrist-down solutions such as this are manufacturing, welding, assembly, material removal and material handling. According to the company, its gripper is the only small direct-drive gripper available that can be integrated with most commercially available robots.

The company plans to showcase the new gripper at the upcoming Lab Automation show to be held January 27-29 in Palm Springs, CA.

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