Aqua FM Snorkel - the Walkman for swimmers

Aqua FM Snorkel - the Walkman for swimmers
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If you've tired of putting in laps at the pool because of the solitude, the Aquanaut Aqua FM snorkel could be ideal. The lightweight snorkel has an inbuilt FM radio and send the music to the ear via bone conduction, removing the need for wires or earplugs. Bone conduction is a relatively new technology but suddenly seems to be popping up in Gizmo every second week. There was the bone conduction headset, the bone conduction phone, the bone conduction pillow and now this.The AquaFM uses a mouthpiece designed to transmit sound directly through the teeth, bypassing the external ear. Though we haven't tested the device, the manufacturers claim the sound quality is outstanding.The AquaFM is waterproof to 10 metres and uses two AAA batteries. Made in France, the snorkel isn't cheap at AUD$249, and it could definitely do with an upgrade to MP3 status at the next iteration, but it does give you an opportunity to tune in while putting in laps.

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