Skiers already utilize binding systems that let them simply click their boots in and out of their skis. Well, the folks at Canadian company Cetatek thought that the same sort of technology should be applied to the blades of scuba fins. The result is the rather intriguing aquabionic aquatic binding system (abs).

Ordinarily, scuba divers either wear neoprene booties that open-heeled fins are strapped onto, or they use fins with built-in foot pockets. And while one big advantage of the booties is that they make it easier to walk over rough rocks and whatnot in order to reach the water, it can often be awkward getting the fins on over them once you're in the water.

The abs system instead consists of a pair of polyurethane aquatic shoes that are worn while both walking and swimming, along with a set of blades that quickly snap on and off of the front of them via a pair of binding clips. So, the idea is that you'll wear just the shoes on your feet while clambering over the rocks, then simply pop the blades onto them once you reach the water (and do the reverse when you get out).

Along with the convenience factor, the abs system is reportedly lighter than a traditional bootie/fin combo, plus it allows users to swap between three different blade styles – there's one that's made chiefly for scuba diving, another that's also suitable for things like snorkelling, plus a carbon fiber model that provides maximum thrust for activities like freediving and spearfishing.

Additionally, the designers claim that as compared to traditional fins, their product feels more natural and less cumbersome while swimming.

If you're interested, the abs system is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$195 will get you a set that includes either type of the non-carbon blades, assuming everything goes according to plan. The planned retail price is $299.

Source: Kickstarter

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