April 23, 2009 With water conservation becoming an increasingly urgent priority in many parts of the world, we're always on the lookout for something that saves on H2O. Described as a "power strip + surge protector for watering outdoors", the AquaHub is a water management tool that connects to a standard garden hose, branching out into six regulated irrigation outlets to pinpoint and cater for the specific needs of different areas within the garden, saving time as well as water.

The six irrigation outlets have been designed with twist-control valves allowing the water flow to be set differently and regulated in specific areas. In this way the product is designed to conserve and direct the water to where it is required at the optimum pressure.

According to inventor Tim Tomlin, a newspaper pressman who works nights, the device is also designed to save time. Mr. Tomlin invented the basic concept for the AquaHub from hose, piping and valves when he found himself using what precious spare daylight time he had moving a sprinkler around the yard to water plants. He fine tuned the design and patented it in 2004, then partnered with AbsolutelyNew to produce and sell the product.

The AguaHub is due out in the coming months, pricing and availability is yet to be finalized.

Anne Hanrahan