While you’re on holidays your plants need not suffer with this self-watering system from Aquasolo. The patented device enables users to water plants for long periods, using just a bottle of water and the Aquasolo system.

Consisting of a micro-porous ceramic cone that can be adapted to fit most plastic bottles, Aquasolo is simply screwed onto the end of a water-filled bottle. The bottle is then turned upside down and the cone is pushed into the soil next to your plant. To create an irrigation system and air vent, a puncture hole needs to be made in the base of the bottle to complete the process.

Once in place, the Aquasolo waters your plants with no additional help. Four cone sizes are available that distribute 7, 20, 30 or 50 centiliters of water per 24-hour period, depending on the plant’s type or size. The 7-centilitre capacity is suitable for a small indoor plant, whereas the 50-centilitre could be used for watering vegetables. How long your plants are watered for depends on the size of the bottle the cone is attached to. For example, a 2-litre bottle with a 7-centilitre cone will provide 28 days of watering. Depending on the cone and bottle size, Aquasolo can provide up to 70 days of watering without a refill.

With a large window box, several cones should be positioned in the soil. It is also recommended that your soil be enriched with soluble fertilizer. Aquasolo is a universal system that fits virtually all styles of plastic bottle as there are three distinct screw threads on the cone to match different bottle sizes, from 0.5 liters to 2 liters. The kit can also fit some 5-litre bottles. Each cone ensures slow, regular water dispersal into the soil which could be useful even if you are home, but don’t have the time to water your plants daily. Aquasolo cones cost €6.50 (around US$10.25) each or €19.50 (around US$30.80) for a pack of four.

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