A total of 14 Los Angeles-based architecture firms, including Perkins and Will and HOK, were recently tasked with designing small outdoor cat shelters for charity. The works were displayed for one night only last week to raise money for FixNation: a non-profit organization dedicated to minimizing cat populations through humane, non-lethal, methods.

Somewhat reminiscent of the Doll's House project we reported on last year, the Giving Shelter project was conceived by Architects for Animals and offered each architect an opportunity to get creative. The shelters range greatly in shape, size, and practicality.

HOK's utilitarian shelter is complete with faux-grass and wooden roof, and could well be the future of multi-kitten communal housing.

Abramson Teiger Architects' shelter is rather plush and upmarket, and would be better suited to the cat princess in your life.

6Formation Association + Edgar Arceneaux's shelter would suit an environmentally conscious feline, as the wooden shelter is low-impact and its slatted design allows passive cooling.

Still, if the cats are anything like mine, they'd probably rather sleep in the cardboard box that the shelters were stored in.

Head to the gallery to see each of the 14 designs in full.

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