Architecture nerds interested in making their own miniature buildings are already well-served by Lego, but Arckit's kits offer a different and very flexible take on architectural modeling suitable for children and professional architects. The easy-to-assemble blocks can be used to create a range of designs, including skyscrapers, bridges, and cities.

Arckit is an architectural modeling company founded back in 2014 by Irish architect Damien Murtagh. The firm has already released several previous modeling kits, which are used by architects, designers, and in some schools and universities, but these newer versions were specifically developed to appeal to younger people.

The new kits come in two main categories, each comprising small plastic components that snap together like Lego. The first, called Cityscape, is painted in kid-friendly pastel colors (though white is available too), and it's designed to spark the imagination of children aged six and upwards. There's a total of 45 pieces included in each kit.

The Cityscape XL and XXL offer more of the same thing, with 125 and 220 pieces respectively, enabling larger and more complex creations.

The Masterplan kit is more advanced and comprises 350 white and clear plastic pieces. Additional structural elements can be added to make skyscrapers, bridges, and the like, in addition to standard buildings. It also comes with stickers to use as facades. This one's suitable for 12 years old and over.

Finally, the Masterplan Pro adds a lot more pieces, 1,000 in all, allowing for very large and complex projects.

Arckit's Cityscape, Masterplan, and their larger iterations are currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. The price of entry is pretty low, with a Cityscape kit costing €19 (roughly US$20). However, the Masterplan kit fetches €119 ($130) and the Masterplan Pro will set you back €440 ($480).

Assuming all goes to plan, backers should get their kits in September this year. Check out the video below for some more information.

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