Liquid cooling specialist Asetek has announced three new CPU coolers designed for chassis with 92mm (3.6-inch) exhaust fans. Two of the trio are being made available to OEMs and system builders immediately, with the remaining unit coming later this month. All of the units benefit from quiet operation and should be no more difficult to install than air-based coolers.

Gamers and overclockers have benefited from the improved heat absorption and transfer that liquid cooling offers for some time and now the technology is starting to make inroads into mainstream computing. Asetek even managed to recently squeeze the solution into an Asetek All-in-One form factor, albeit as a prototype.

The 545LC unit is intended for single exhaust port, single-CPU machines and will inevitably end up in high performance gaming computers or workstations where quiet operation is paramount.

Twin exhaust port, single-CPU machines are catered for by the 565LX flavor. It's been designed to handle CPU-hungry software such as video and audio editing suites, animation applications and engineering programs.

The 585LX is headed for workstations and 3U servers with twin exhaust port, dual-processor configurations.

All of the new coolers have a claimed 50,000 hour lifetime and benefit from quiet operation. A 12V/3.1W pump powers the non-corrosive, anti-fungal, non-flammable and anti-freeze liquid through the system, drawing heat away from and supplying helpful chill to the CPU. The liquid loop is supplied factory-filled and -sealed, and the coolers are compatible with Intel and AMD mounts.

The new coolers can already be seen in the new Xtreme solutions manufactured by BOXX Technologies.

Asetek has produced a short video explaining how liquid cooling works:

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