Thermal management innovator Asetek has created a 24 inch liquid-cooled all-in-one computer powered by a high-end Intel Core processor, with graphics support from NVIDIA. The near-silent operation AIO prototype offers all the performance benefits of the best performing desktop systems in a space-saving 2.28 inch thick form factor.

Gamers and power users will already be very familiar with Asetek liquid cooling solutions for computer processors and graphics units, but since 2006 the company's thermal management innovations have found their way into products from Dell, Acer, HP and others. The latest innovation showcases desktop-level performance in a liquid-cooled all-in-one computer.

Featuring a 24 inch LED backlit display, the prototype AIO all-in-one contains a liquid-cooled Intel Core i7-920 desktop processor and NVIDIA GTX280M graphics card. Cold plates capture the heat generated by the 130W chip and 75W GPU, and the liquid transports it to the computer's stand, where it can conveniently be exhausted from the system. A small high performance radiator and a pair of low noise fans housed within the stand take away the heat from the liquid before it is returned to the main enclosure by an Asetek pump to start the process over again.

Steve Branton, Director of Marketing at Asetek said: “This all-in-one prototype demonstrates one way that liquid cooling overcomes the thermal challenges that arise when squeezing high performance into thin form factors."

While it's highly unlikely that Asetek will commercialize the system itself, the company's Zack Fanning told Gizmag: "Right now it's just a prototype, but hopefully the manufacturers will see what Asetek can bring to the table." So, maybe we'll start to see a few low cost all-in-one performance gaming machines appear in the not-too-distant future.

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