After recent reveals by Volkswagen and Nissan, Aston Martin has shown the world what it has to say about Gran Turismo 6. The DP-100 Vision Gran Turimso hits the virtual racetrack with 800 hp worth of mid-engined fury and an intriguing, futuristic look.

Under the guidance of design director Marek Reichman, Aston shook its creativity loose and penned a downright menacing track car with distinctive features all over a wide body that stands only slightly higher than a vacuum cleaner. Points of visual emphasis include the headlights tucked back in the raised fenders, a shovel-like front spoiler, a huge rear diffuser and LED rear light blades framed by the rear spoiler.

Aston Martin began the design process six months ago and used the same sketching and 3D modeling techniques that it uses for its sports cars. The video game car's design doesn't just have a furiously fast look but also carefully honed suspension settings and active aerodynamics designed to boost its in-game performance. The car is powered by an 800-bhp twin-turbo V12 engine that breaks away from Aston's history by finding a home amidships.

The DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo will be available for use in the GT6 PlayStation3 game in July. Back in the physical world, the car itself isn't likely to make an appearance on the track, but some of its design elements may show up down the road.

"As with the CC100 Speedster Concept, many of the design cues visible in DP-100, such as the light blade rear lamps, could also feed through into future sports cars that we’ll launch in the offline world so the importance of this project should not be underestimated," said Reichman.

You can learn more about the design process in the video clip below.

Source: Aston Martin

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