• Just weeks after confirming a PlayStation 5 VR system is in development, Sony has now shown off the controllers. The new designs look lightyears ahead of the PS4’s clunky old sticks, and pack features from the PS5’s DualSense and Sony's competitors.
  • Microsoft and Sony have both just launched their next-generation consoles. But which one is best for you? New Atlas compares the specs, features, hardware and games of the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.
  • Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is almost here. New Atlas rounds up everything we know about the PS5’s hardware, games, controllers, features and services.
  • Sony has finally answered the last lingering questions about the PlayStation 5. After playing coy for months, the company has now revealed the next-generation console’s price, release date, plus a few new games and subscription service features.
  • Sony has finally revealed what the PlayStation 5 actually looks like. There are two versions – one with a disc slot and one without. Plus we got our first major glimpse of the lineup of games at launch and beyond, as well as some other accessories.
  • The latest drip has dropped from Sony, as the company drip-feeds us details about the PlayStation 5. This time we’ve finally been treated to a look at the controller, and the design marks a surprising departure from the last four generations.
  • Sony has finally whipped the covers off the PlayStation 5, giving us a pretty good peek under the hood. The PS5 is set to be a massive improvement over the PS4, with a powerful new graphics processor and "instantaneous" load times.
  • Sony has finally announced its next-generation games console – and surprising absolutely no one, it’s called the PlayStation 5. It launches next year.
  • The PlayStation Classic launched Monday. We've kept a close eye on developments since its announcement. We haven't had the chance to review a unit , but it's worth taking a good look into what those lucky enough to get their hands on a Classic make of it. Be warned: it's not a pretty picture.
  • Sony's unveiled its list of games to be bundled into the guts of the forthcoming PlayStation Classic, and while it's not the list we hoped for, nor others judging by the fallout, it's still an attractive proposition for a seasonal thumb-workout to shove under your Christmas tree.
  • We know Sony intends to include Final Fantasy 7, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms, with its PlayStation Classic, but that leaves 15 slots available to make the device a must-own for gaming nostalgists. Here are our picks.
  • ​While we’ve been waiting all year for Nintendo to announce a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini, it looks like the company’s main rival of the time has answered the call instead. Sony has just announced a mini version of the original PlayStation, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the console.
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